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Specializing in Asian Fusion Cuisine.


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Everything was great! I tried to call Level twice but couldn't get through. Friday Happy Hour. It would be cool if they could add drinks and condiment choices to the menu like thai pepper flakes, Chinese spicy mustard, etc. Great thing they did, however, was Japanese soy sauce for the sushi rolls, Chinese soy sauce and duck sauce for the egg drop soup, and 2 sets of good chopsticks, without asking!
Best egg drop soup flavor ever. Double yum!
Please put cold and hot items in seperate carry bags for the driver. Sushi rolls were very warm from the soup and Pad Thai.


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Favourite restaurant in Richmond! Very fresh, cold, savory sashimi, best I've ever had. Unique and flavorful crab/apple/wasabi rangoon, I crave it often and always order it when I eat here. Delicious hot and sour soup that's packed with mushrooms and tofu. Overall, I will continue to eat here as long as I live in Richmond.


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The order took a little longer than expected so the lady at level gave me a discount after delivery with no questions asked. She was very nice and food was fantastic. Thank you. I'll be ordering again.


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Very delicious! I ordered a tad bit late and I was surprised by how quick my food was delivered. The lid on the miso soup container was tightly sealed. Not a single drop of soup in the bag!


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Level has awesome sushi! Maybe slightly more expensive than comparable sushi in the area, but always amazing so it's worth it to me. Nothing worse than subpar sushi!

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Great vegetarian combo!

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Delivery: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Takeout: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

We would like to invite you to our Asian fusion and sushi experience. We only use the best and freshest ingredients to create our unique menu that consists of both traditional and contemporary Asian dishes.